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Camping Accessories

There's nothing quite like a brilliant display of blue, green and purple flames to spruce up a wood fire. Sit back and enjoy the magical flames for up to 30 minutes.
Funky Colored Flames
Add color to your fire
This foldable grill is great for weekend camping trips.  Its size and sturdy steel frame makes cooking large portions easy over an open flame.  Unfolded, the grill measures 24in x 16in, when folded the grill measures 9in x 16in for easy storage.
EZ Pack Grill
Foldable camping grill
A must-have product for camping, hiking, fishing and RVing, this unique multi-tool carabiner is designed to hook onto your pack or belt for easy use. It comes complete with knife, bottle opener, nail file and scissors.
Handy Beaner
Multi-tool Carabiner
The foldable folk is a campfire roasting essential. It's 38in reach allows you to sit back and relax while roasting hotdogs, sausages and marshmallows over the fire. It conveniently folds on a centre hinge for storage.
Foldable Fork
Long reach so you can sit back and relax
Making smores around the campfire can be a tricky and messy task. The smore maker will hold your graham crackers and chocolate in place when your golden marshmallow is ready to be added. This little unit helps you easily make the perfect smores with one hand.
Dino Smore Maker
Smores made with one hand
These weather proof carrying cases protect toilet paper and paper towel from dirt, rain and dew on your getaway. The slot in the side provides easy access to your paper towel or toilet paper while stored in this protective case.
Paper Towel Holder
Keeps your stuff dry
Whether you are marking a path to your campsite or a trail in the woods, these reflective trail markers will guide the way during the day or night. At dusk, simply press the button on the trail marker to illuminate the LEDs within. The trail markers have two illumination settings, solid and flashing.
LED Trail Markers
FInd your way during day and night
The 10-inch camping hook is a useful addition to any campsite.  With an adjustable pull string that fits firmly on any tree or post.  Laterns, towels, laundry, garbage, BBQ utensils and even wet clothing is no match for the Camping Hook.
Camping Hook
Attaches to any pole or tree
An outdoor essential that makes starting a fire easier when camping, fishing, hunting or RVing
Fire Starter
Quick and easy fires
Dont just stare at the night sky, learn about all the different constellations that make up the cosmos. Adults and children will be entertained with this eductational interactive games about constellations.  Bring one on your next camping trip as a great night time activity
Star Gazer
The answer is in the stars
Light your way through the night with glowsticks using our glowstick holders. Place them in the ground to mark your way home, avoid dangerous areas of the woods or simply maker your camping territories.
Glowstick Holder
Use glowsticks to mark your path
Using a lighter outside on a windy day can be difficult, even the slightest gust of wind can blow your flame out. With the lighter shield, you will never have to block the wind using your hands again. Flip open or close when needed and always be able to light your fire.
Lighter Shield
Stay lit on windy days

BBQ Accessories

How do you avoid mix-ups on the grill? With a Grill Charms, of Course! Grill Charm your food prior to cooking to indicate whether or not your meat is rare, medium, or well done. Your food is personalized before, during and after it's cooked, the way you want it each and every time.
Grill Charms
Grill charm your food
BBQ your next steak to perfection with these mini grill thermometers. The grilling thermometer dial indicates temperature and ranges of doneness. Make these thermometers part of your cooking essentials and cut out the guess work of grilling the perfect steak.
Mini Grilling Thermometers
Grill the perfect steak
Removing the meat off a skewer with your fork has always been an annoying challenge. These skewer sliders allow you to easily remove the meat from a skewer while keeping control and keeping your fingers clean.
Skewer Sliders
Keep control, Keep clean
Every BBQ Chef has their special set of BBQ tools which they use to cook their mouth-watering burgers and tender steaks. These tools rarely have a proper place to be stored.  Our outdoor barbeque case is a wall mounted utensil storage unit perfect for keeping all your barbequing tools in one convenient spot. The case can store cooking utensils, barbeque skewers, corn handles and more.
Outdoor BBQ Case
Keep your BBQ utensils next to your BBQ
Anyone who has ever carried a propane tank knows the handles were not designed for comfort.  With these tank grips, We aim to make the task of carrying a propane tank easier by reducing strain on the fingers and provide a more comfortable grip.
Tank Grips
Save your hands
Go long and toss the game winning sauce to your teamates as you get ready for the big game. This tailgating, sports loving pigskin novelty is great for the sportsfan in your family. Can be used for your favorite condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise...etc.
Condiment Quarterback
Toss the sauce

Cooler Accessories

Carrying everything you need for a day at the beach can be a handful. Towels, sandals, sun screen, frisbee, books and anything else you need for a day at the beach can be slipped into the cooler carrier to help keep your hands free. The cooler carrier is an elastic fabric sleeve that can be slipped onto the lid of the cooler to help carry your stuff to the beach.
Cooler Carrier
Everything you need with just two hands
Tired of your food getting waterlogged due to melted ice?Are your frozen goods crushing your delicate food like bread and eggs? Keeping your cooler sorted and organized has never been easier. These snap into place in seconds and fit in all medium and large coolers. The cooler divider separates your food and keeps your cooler organized.
Cooler Divider
Keep your cooler organized
Many coolers have hard thin handles which cause strain on the hands when carrying. These cooler grips add comfort and ease when handling full coolers during transport. The Neoprene grips will thicken the diameter of the cooler handle for a better hold as well as provide grip and comfort.
Cooler Grips
Your hands will thank us later
Carrying everthing you need for a day at the beach can be a handful. Towels,sandals, sun screen, frisbee, books and anything else you need for a great day catchin some rays can be slipped into the cooler carrier to help keep your hands free. The cooler carrier is an elastic fabric sleeve that can be slipped onto the lid of the cooler to help carry your stuff to the beach.
Cooler Strap
No more pesky critters

Pool Accessories

Enjoy the sun, the water and a game of cards at your next pool party with Splash Casino. This floating card table is assembled using 5 interlocking foam pieces and disassembles for convenient storage. Splash casino will definitely add a fun twist to your next party or game night.
Splash Casino
Floating card table
A must have product for all the lucjky households who have pools.  The Loop is an aquatic foam ring used for diving and pool games. The ring is made of a soft foam and will break apart on contact.
Foam pool toy
These playful aquatic foam puzzles provide hours of entertainment for children, while bringing life to the swimming experience!
Pool Puzzle
Aquatic game for kids
This soft foam target is a blast all summer long. Simply put together the puzzle target and smash it into as many pieces as you can. Fun at pool parties, the cottage, or just some fun in your backyard pool.
Crash Mat
It is a blast
Plays like bocce ball in the water! 
Skim discs across the water surface and onto the floating target
Water bocce
A game of skill! A fun water game for families and friends of all ages. Players score points by skipping the disks onto or nearest the floating pouch.
Water game

Outdoor Living / Other

These textured stickers help give you some traction on slippery/wet surfaces. Common places like a pool side or the dock can now be made safer with these great stickers. Grip Stickers come in a variety of animal shapes, both color and silhouettes. They are sure to add visual appeal as well as safety in slippery areas such as the dock or poolside.
Grip Stickers
Not slippery when wet
This rubber vase is an ultra modern and unique vase product which comes in a variety of colors. This soft vase easily transforms into two unique forms to hold different plant arrangements or office supplies
Rubber Vase
Soft to touch
When the lights go out and everyone starts singing, these candles are a colorful sight to see. Funky Colored Candles are an assortment of candles that produce colored flames when lit. So celebrate your next party with color.
Funky Colored Candles
Celebrate with color
Relaxing on the dock with a cold drink is a great way to spend an afternoon.  With the dock cooler a refill is just a few steps away. The dock cooler uses the temperature of the lake to keep the beverages cold while in the sun.
Dock Cooler
Chill by the lake
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